Who We Are

Tent Troupe began in 1970 with a small tent, a bare plywood stage, and the audience sitting on the ground. Though the number of tents has grown, the stage has been replaced, the technical system has been updated and our audience sits in chairs, the enthusiasm of the audiences and participants remains the same.

Tent Troupe is a one-of-a-kind tent theatre group composed of mere high school students and a few supervising former troupers who travel through Northern America and preform plays and skits. Every day the troupe wakes up, eats breakfast and strikes the “back-lot tents” where they had slept the night before. Then they pack-up and head off to their next destination where they set up the back-lot tents and then the big-top tent while also setting up for the first show, the matinee, all before eleven O’clock. After lunch the troupers prepare for the matinee as well as recuperate from setting up the tents earlier. Then they perform the matinee, which consists of several miniature skits devised to teach lessons as well as entertain. Afterwards the group would strike the set and set-up the stage for the evening show. The troupe then takes the next couple of hours to attend to personal needs which is followed by dinner before the show. After dinner the troupe heads back on-lot to prepare for the evening show where they will hope for a good turn-out as well as hope they don’t miss their ques.  Then after the show the troupe strikes the entire big-top tent and prepare for devotions and reflections on that given day. Then the troupe heads to their cots where they sleep the night away, while awaiting for the next day to come.

When we are not preforming, we are aiding communities and families of need in service projects across Northern America. Most recently we helped a community affected by flooding in Schoharie, New York during our 2013 season.

No admission is charged for either show. Troupers and their families raise their own funds to guarantee their basic expenses. A freewill donation is accepted at intermissions.”

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